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Parents and caregivers can refer their children based upon perceived concerns regarding their child's development or educational progress. A medical referral is not required. In most cases parents/caregivers are advised to refer their child to an occupational therapist by a paediatrician or teacher.

KidAbility's fees are as follows:

Informal fine/sensori-motor testing (this service does not include a report, but you will receive verbal feedback)

Fine/sensori-motor part assessment (includes report)

Visual perception/memory processing part assessment (includes report)

Sensory processing part assessment (includes report)

Full paediatric OT assessment (two 45 minute sessions, includes report and home program)

30 minute OT treatment session

45 minute OT treatment session

60 minute OT treatment session

Rebates for occupational therapy services (under ancillary/extras cover) are available through most major private health insurance funds.

We accept the following forms of payment: HICAPS (immediate rebates), EFTPOS, credit card and direct debit.