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Behavioural optometrists assess in-depth visual acuity and oculomotor skill development and some behavioural optometrists assess visual perception. Please contact a behavioural optometrist in your local area for more details regarding their profession and professional expertise.

Visual perception is an area where occupational therapists and behavioural optometrists may overlap, however on the Gold Coast KidAbility will liaise with your child's optometry provider to avoid duplication of services.

Referral between OTs and behavioural optometrists occurs readily and is an important process in assisting children address weaknesses with school performance.

Behavioural optometrists do not have expertise in fine motor skill development, and the motor mechanics of writing such as pencil grasp and letter formation is not covered by behavioural optometry assessments and treatment.

Occupational therapists have expertise in writing tool prescription and hence can prescribe pencil grips, pencils and pens as appropriate.

OTs cannot prescribe spectacles for students. Behavioural optometrists provide expertise in spectacle prescription and other visual aids.