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Occupational Therapy

Fine Motor Skills

Visual Perception Skills

Memory Skills


Behavioural Optometrists

Speech Pathologists



Occupational therapists concentrate on the visual perceptual and visual sequential memory aspects of reading and spelling skills, and can assist with a child's sight word acquisition.

OTs may screen auditory memory skills, however for more in depth-testing and treatment of auditory memory weaknesses children should be referred to a speech pathologist.

Occupational therapists do not have the expertise to assess and treat expressive and receptive language weaknesses or articulation difficulties. (A child with receptive language weaknesses may not understand instructions at school or home. A child with expressive language weaknesses may not speak in a manner appropriate for their age, or their speech may be unclear and difficult to understand.)

OTs do not have expertise in treating children with stuttering problems. Speech pathologists are a great assistance with stuttering problems in adults and children alike.

Speech and language pathologists are experts in the field of phonological awareness and its development in children. OTs do not have expertise in this area and will refer to a speech pathologist if there are concerns with phonological skills.