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Treatment programs can be quite varied. Kidability generally provides a home and school program following all formal assessments. Home programs consist of a variety of fun activities and games to implement with your child at home, while the school program comes with classroom strategies to help the teacher assist the student.

These activities and games are prescribed to address areas of weakness. If, for example, a child has a problem with sitting in their chair at school and performing writing tasks, they may have weaknesses with their balance and postural control. A home program might incorporate balance tasks such as using an exercise ball or playing a game of Twister.

The accompanying school program might suggest a classroom strategy of providing the child with a break from tasks every 20 minutes to allow the student to get up out of their chair. This might be accomplished by making them a teacher's helper who collects and hands in work sheets.

OT treatment programs are delivered during therapy sessions either at our office or at number of schools we visit on the Gold Coast. These therapy sessions are of 30, 45 or 60 minutes duration, depending upon the age and requirements of the child. Our therapy sessions consist of fun warm up games which usually have a motor component (a ball and target game, for example), followed by activities which address the functional tasks of writing, reading or spelling skills.

Children generally find their treatment sessions engaging, fun and rewarding.